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Click the link, if there is one, to read work available online


Virga”   Poetry Society of America. 

“You Asked About Longing”   Kenyon Review. 

“‘92 Volvo 240”   Gulf Coast. 

“Nocturne with Aesthetic Crisis”   Poetry Northwest.  (forthcoming)

Phosphenes” & “Vivaldi in the Park”    Narrative.  

A Love Poem”    Copper Nickel.

Three Poems    Georgia Review.  

Six Poems    Conjunctions.  

Elegy”   Missouri Review (Poem of the Week)

After Modernism”   Southern Humanities Review.  


Self-portrait as a Childhood Photograph of my Father”   Cherry Tree.  

Decay”   Gettysburg Review. 


Nocturne: Before Your Brother’s Funeral”    Colorado Review. 

For a year”   American Literary Review. 

Nocturne: Coronado Bay”   Redivider. 

The Etiquette of Grief”    32 Poems. 

Premonition” & “Your last memory of family”    Waxwing.

Three Poems    Los Angeles Review.     

Decay”    Nashville Review. 

Two Poems   The Common (online). 

Essays    Interviews    Misc. Prose

A Poetics of Failure: On the Truths Between Words”   LitHub.

A Bell to Toll Me Back: When Poems Break the Fourth Wall”   Denver Quarterly. 

Getting Out of the Way: The Quiet Poem”  Poetry Northwest.


On the Style of Tongo Eisen-Martin”   Los Angeles Review.  

For the World to Love Us Back:  On CAConrad’s Amanda Paradise: Resurrect Extinct Vibration.”   Adroit

Breathing into the Divine: On Jessica Jacobs Ordinary Immanence"   32 Poems

Museum of Mirrors: On Wayne Miller’s We The Jury”   Poetry International.

“A Conversation with Dawn Lundy Martin”  Poetry International.

Honors    Awards    Press

Runner-up  Poetry Society of America 2022 Chapbook Fellowship (Their Way With You, chosen by Kazim Ali)

  Georgia Review’s 2021 Loraine Williams Poetry Prize (selected by Arthur Sze)

Winner  2019 Foothill Editor’s Prize (selected by Ishion Hutchinson)

This Spiral: John A. Nieves on D.S. Waldman’s “The Etiquette of Grief”

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